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Natural Health Professionals

Our natural health professionals will equip, challenge, and inspire you to take charge of your health.

Nutritional balancing is a central component of our work. We believe that, given the right resources, God designed our bodies to experience complete renewal and amazing restoration. We are available for consultations in our office and by phone or Skype.

Get Health Coaching is a labor of love! It is our experience that if you take the steps laid out on this membership site, you will be empowered to overcome your present health challenges and, ultimately, to experience vibrant health for years to come.

Our Members Have Access to These Natural Health Resources

The Center

A safe environment for our members to receive effective, natural therapies and treatments like ozone, pulse electromagnetic frequency, and more

The Coach

The expertise of experienced natural health professionals who have helped hundreds of our members to overcome stubborn health challenges

The Cart

An online store where our members can purchase the supplements that they need for nutritionally balancing and more

The Chest

A treasure chest of research, articles interviews, and protocols that will empower you to take charge of your health

The Cinema

A collection of informational videos on nutritional balancing, ozone. electromagenetic radiation, and much more

The Classroom

A variety of classes, seminars, and workshops designed to educate our members on a variety of important subjects related to natural health


GetHealthyCoaching.com is for the exclusive, complimentary use of the members of Get Healthy PMA, a private membership association. Although we may charge a reasonable fee for certain services, your membership will give you unlimited, lifetime access to this website.

Our membership is all about freedom. It gives us the freedom to serve you and provides you with total access to a wealth of information and services. While the powers that be frown upon nutritional advice that may challenge standard of care, there is full 1st and 14th amendment Constitutional freedom to share information we know to be true within a private membership context.

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If you’re not a member, we’ve made it simple to join online. Once you have joined, you will receive lifetime access to all of the natural health resources and will be able to book appointments and take advantage of educational opportunities.

Upon reading and signing our membership agreement and paying a one-time $10 lifetime membership fee, you will begin a natural health journey that promises to dramatically change your life and health.  Click here to sign up now.